The 7 Common Challenges That Individuals With Excrutiating Eczema Face

The difficulties that people with eczema face can be excruciating and even life-changing. These are the common challenges that individuals that people with eczema face.

1. Terrible Itching

Immense itching that just does not seem to go away. You itch and then itch again and it just doesn’t seem like it is going to stop. In fact you feel as though you could literally tear off your skin; the pain feels awful. Sometimes you may even break the skin, through itching, which can lead to infection. There just seems to be no resolve.

2. Dead Skin

You feel like you leave trails of dead skin whether you seem to go. Your finger nails get filled with dead skin and it just feels so embarrassing that you hide your nails away. You are constantly cleaning them; you wonder — do you really want to live life like this?

3. Bloody Sheets

Sometimes your skin becomes so torn that your sheets can become blood stained; your clothes too. Spots of blood are not only annoying but you feel that they are unsightly. If you live with other people you may just even feel embarrassed sometimes.

4. Bathing Becomes a Chore

Bathing just seems a chore. Yes on some occasions it can bring instant soothing relief but on other occasions the water on your skin just simply burns. Full stop. Even oilatum doesn’t seem to work; just leaving behind a slippery mess.

5. Your Skin Seems to Have Seasons

It literally feels like your skin has seasons. Sometimes your skin feels so inflamed and hot that you don’t know what to do with yourself. Other times it feels so cold and dry; and that is an uncomfortable challenge in itself. The change in skin can even make getting dressed a challenge.

6. The Steroid Creams Aren’t Solving the Problem

Your skin feels dry from use of steroid cream. In fact sometimes it doesn’t help the cracking skin that you are already experiencing. Something just doesn’t seem natural about this cream and it feels super annoying (even irritating); yet when you try and decrease the use of steroids your eczema comes back in full form.


7. Embarrassment

Eczema doesn’t need to be embarrassing but many individuals suffering with extreme cases of eczema feel embarrassed. You may feel embarrassed to show your skin and go to extents to cover it up; in some cases individuals can loose self esteem and decrease time socializing. As such, eczema can be a lonely experience for some individuals too. Reach out if this is how you feel; there is support out there for you.

Eczema can have an immense impact on an individual’s life; a feeling that an eczema sufferer can only truly understand. The sleepless nights, challenges and self-esteem can begin to take a toll. Look out for alternative help to heal your eczema; you deserve a life worth living to the fullest.

Are you ready to heal?

This post has been written by Fiona Murray (MSc) an Eczema Healing Expert. A past sufferer herself; Fiona experienced eczema that left her finding it difficult to even walk. As a Neuroscientist and Alternative Health Practitioner Fiona now works with eczema suffers whilst providing them with the full solution to healing.

Individuals with challenging cases of eczema can book a free Skin Care Assessment here. Once you have completed the questionnaire and booked your complimentary appointment you will have an online live one-to-one conference call with Fiona. You will receive a personalised and detailed skin care assessment where you will also be provided with details on how you can heal your eczema now.

Further details about her clinic, EczemaGone Clinic, can be found here.

Enjoy your skin, enjoy your life.

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